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Page last modified:
Thursday, 17-Feb-2022 17:21:03 EST.


Friday, February 25, 2005 7:15:13 AM
The EQTypes for the additional buffs slots have been assigned. I have modified both EQUI_BuffWindow.xml and EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml in my Buff Window Customization so that the text labels now work. Due to the verticle length of the Window I am contemplating trying out a two column format buff window. Hmmmm.. :)
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 8:20:12 AM
With the release of Dragons of Norrath, the Buff windows were changed to allow for more buffs. As such, I have modified my Buff Window Customization accordingly. I have also gone away from using the EQUI_Animations.xml file since that one tends to get changed more than most and usually is the main cause for the UI blowings chunks after patches LOL. Both the EQUI_BuffWindow.xml and EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml have been modified. The EQTypes for these additional buffs have not been assigned yet so the corresponding labels (text) will not work. As soon as they are, I'll make the modifications. My buff window is getting long now LOL. I may also play with the blue background graphics by customization the CS_Buttons.bmp directly which will give similar results as the Animations file modification.
Saturday, February 12, 2005 11:22:44 PM
Well, it seems as if the EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml was modified to allow for 5 more buffs. I have modified my Buff Window Customization to include the changes made. I also changed it so that window is sizeable.
Tuesday, September 28, 2004 3:14:42 AM
Logged on to EQ today, well yesterday, and noticed that the EQUI_Animations.xml and EQUI_BuffWindow.xml files had been changed to allow for 5 extra buffs as part of the Omens of War expansion. As such, I have modified my Buff Window Customization to be compatible with this change. As a result, the buff window had to be made longer.

Older Updates/Changes

Mysstie's Complete UI

At the moment I am working on an interface that will work with all my characters, both Melee and Caster and at any level. This interface should work with any patches made before the date above. If there is a patch which modifies the default user interface I will be sure to test/modify mine as soon as possible.

I have provided individual parts of the interface I use with each part containing the files it needs to work so you can decide which parts you want to try. If you want everything, then Download Zipfile of Mysstie's Complete User Interface (Self-Extracting Version). This contains all the files listed below within the individual parts. To see what my complete interface looks like in one screen shot (I run at 1280x1024 at the moment): Complete Screenshot.

Player/Group/Target/Casting Window

This is my adaptation from the combined Player/Group/Target/Casting Window that Loral made. His skin is available at Loral's Custom User Interface (link removed, no longer available). My changes were to include the Stamina and Level Experience bars which caused the Window to be a bit taller (there are some other things I will add on here so I left myself room). The bars are in this order:

  1. MOB/Target's Name and Health with Percentage
  2. Your name and Current/Max Hit Points
  3. Your Health and Percentage
  4. Your Current/Max Mana Points and Gauge/Percentage
  5. Your Stamina and Percentage (the way it works it shows the percent of stamina you have consumed)
  6. Your Level Experience and Percentage
  7. Your Alternate Advancement Experience and Percentage
  8. Your Casting Time (it only shows during casting of spells)
  9. Group Member's Names and Health with Percentage's with Pet's Health as well

Files changed:

  1. EQUI_CastingWindow.xml: Changed so it does not appear when casting since it's integrated in the group window.
  2. EQUI_GroupWindow.xml: This is the window that has all the modifications shown below.
  3. EQUI_PlayerWindow: Changed so it does not appear.
  4. EQUI_TargetWindow: Changed so it does not appear.

Download Zipfile of Mysstie's Player/Group/Target/Casting Window Now! or
Self-Extracting Version

Following are some examples of it's appearance:

Casting Example: Newest Look:
Group Window Current Window

There are some player window modifications out there that cause things such as the Player Name and Hit Point values to not appear in the Inventory Screen. This one does not cause that to happen and I think I know why. It has to do with having unique item and ScreenID variable names within the code. The EQType number is the part that identifies what the actual information is to be displayed. Anyway, I'll probably make a separate area for information dealing with actual coding hints.

Buff/Spell Effects Window(s)

This is a combination of Loral's Custom User Interface (link removed) and RedBarsh's EQ UI Skins (link removed). It is a specifically sized window to show the current spell effects/buffs on you vertically with a small spell icon/gem on the left with a text description to the right. Some custom buff windows seem to leave an "Unkown Spell" in the text area when the spell wears off. This does not. Beneficial Spells (buffs) will have a blue background. Bad spells (DoTs, Poison, Diseases, etc.) will have a red background. The spells also flash on/off when they are about to run out like normally happens. While the window might be a bit wide depending on your resolution you can just move it off to the right and only let as much of the text description show that you want. I also set it to faded value of 5% so the window is hardly visible (this is not hard coded, it will use whatever you have yours set to.)

Saturday, January 11, 2003: I have customized the new Short Duration or Song Buff window to be similar to my Main Buff window. I left the title of Songs on it so you know which one you might be dragging around. It will look the same otherwise. Oh, it is shorter, enough for the six effects that can appear.

Files changed/added:

  1. EQUI_BuffWindow.xml
  2. EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml

Download Zipfile of Mysstie's Buff/Spell Effects Window or
Self-Extracting Version

Example of appearance:

Song Window Buff Window Buff Window (9/28/2004) Buff Window (2/16/2005)
Song Window Buff Window New Buff Window DoN Buff Window

Spell Gems/Icons

This one is all mine. I was playing Tracey and I didn't like the fact that the Feet Like Cat and Root spell gems/icons looked so much like. So.. I changed the graphic to include "Root" in the graphic. The change will appear in both the Spell Book and Spells Memorized Windows. I have more spell icons I want to change.

Files changed:

  1. gemicons02.tga: These are the graphic images that appear in the memorized spell window.
  2. spells04.tga: These are part of the spell book icons.

Download Zipfile of Mysstie's Spell Gems/Icons or
Self-Extracting Version

Example of appearance (notice 3rd gem from bottom):

memmed spells

Inventory Slot Graphics

I modified the file that has the Inventory Slot graphics so that it has the name of slot. Some of the background graphics could be confusing and the less I have to think the better. :) I was inspired by RedBarsh's EQ UI Skins (link removed).

One word of caution for anyone working with this file, it contains a mask channel and you need to make sure you save your new file with the Mask Channel present. The first time I didn't do this and it caused my spell gem icons to not show through (just solid black where the icon would be). This file happens to contain those oval shapes used in the memorized spell window.

Files changed:

  1. window_pieces02.tga

Download Zipfile of Mysstie's Inventory Slot Graphics or
Self-Extracting Version

Example of appearance:

Inventory Window

How to Install

  1. Go to the uifiles directory in your Everquest folder, typically by clicking on "My Computer", "Local Disk C:", "Program Files", "Everquest"

  2. Within the uifiles folder, you should see at least a default folder. We need to create a new folder within uifiles to contain the customized UI files. Either Right-Click and select New -> Folder or click on File -> New -> Folder via the menu and then name the new folder something short like "mysstie". The complete path would be something like C:\Program Files\Everquest\uifiles\mysstie.

  3. Download the file(s) above you want and un-zip them. If you downloaded the self-extracting versions, they have a default unzip directory of C:\mysstie

  4. If you did not un-zip the files directly into the "mysstie" uifiles folder, copy all the items in your un-zipped file folder into your newly created uifiles folder (you just named a short name, such as "mysstie"). If it asks you "do you want to copy over...." select "YES TO ALL" to overwrite the files. Make sure you DO NOT copy these files into the uifiles\default folder.

  5. Log into Everquest

  6. If you named the new folder "mysstie" use /loadskin mysstie 1 to load the new interface
    The "1" at the end makes it keep all your old window locations. Thanks to Loral for discovering this one. You may have to redo your Window Fade Settings.

    You can also just open the Options Window and use the Load Skin feature within it to load mysstie or whatever you called it. :)

  7. At this point some of your Hotkeys may have changed to numbers instead of text. All you should have to do is zone to correct that. To make sure everything is working ok, you may need to relog into Everquest after changing a skin.

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